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Nov 28 - Dec 7 2017
Nakas Special
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Manila, Tagaytay & Bohol Tour with Intramuros Grand Marian Procession

Back to the Philippines as we spa, shop and casino our way around Manila. Visit Bohol and see the tarsir - the world's smallest primate, then visit Tagaytay and see the world's smallest volcano! Escorted from Hawaii by Naka's Travel Service in English and Japanese.
Jan 31 - Feb 10 2018
Nakas Special
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Chiang Mai Flower Festival Tour

Flower floats, marching bands, brightly costumed hilltribe folk and traditional Thai dancers grace the parade at the center of Chiang Mai's biggest flower festival of the year. We'll tour through Thailand's "Rose of the North", and experience a personal encounter with Thailand's famous elephants at a local elephant sanctuary. Shop your way through Chiang Mai's famous night markets, but save some room for our shopping in Bangkok, where we'll see sights ranging from the famous Jade Buddha to the ancient capitol of Ayutthaya!