Monday, February 14, 2011

Japan Railways Bullet Train to Kagoshima

With the new extension of the Tohoku Line, Japan Railways will open a new Bullet Train Route in the Kyushu area (the Southwest part of Japan) on March 12th 2011, which enables travel from Shin-Osaka to the final stop of Kagoshima-Chuo in only three hours and 45 minutes, 77 minutes shorter than the current travel time.

The new complete line will be 159.7 miles long between Hakata and Kagoshima. The new connecting Shinkansen line puts Kyushu’s historic landmarks and nature within an easier reach, including Kumamoto Castle, built in the 17th century, and Kagoshima, at the end of the line, the gateway to Yakushima Island, home to a primeval forest of “Yaku-sugi” cedars dating back thousands of years. Yaku-shima Island is registered as a World Natural Heritage Site.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dollar Rent-A-Car Double Upgrade Promotion


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Explore Japan by Rail: This Week’s JR Pass Rates

The Japan Rail Pass, which is issued by the JR (Japan Railway) Group, offers travellers excellent value for money and convenience. The Rail Pass enables the almost unlimited use of JR trains and its affiliated bus and ferry services within various areas of Japan.

The Japan Rail Pass is available only to people from abroad who wish to travel to Japan as “temporary visitors” for sightseeing. The pass must be purchased before entering Japan.

Japan Rail Pass exchange rate for February 10th 2011 through February 16th 2011 - 1 USD = 83.24 JPY

JR Pass prices are updated for the current exchange rate every Thursday.

See http://www.nakastrav … for details and current pricing.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make your trip to Japan carbon neutral!

Did you know that Japan Airlines offers a carbon offset program for passengers to voluntarily offset the CO2 gases generated by their flights?

The program is run through Recycle One, the Japanese agency of the CarbonNeutral Company.

Passengers visit Recycle One’s site via a link on the JAL website. There, they use the C02 emissions calculator to find the total estimated amount of CO2 emitted from their journey based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) formula which includes distance of travel, aircraft type, fuel burn, passenger load factors, and passenger to cargo ratios.

By buying credits to offset 50%, 100%, or alternatively, as much as is possible for a fixed price of 1,000 Japanese yen (about $12 US dollars), passengers are supporting one of the ten sustainable development projects JAL offers, most of which involve wind power generation.

Offset your JAL flight now at



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fall Japan Tours: Early Booking Discount


Sign up for the Autumn Hokkaido and Tohoku Tour (October 17th - October 28th, 2011) or the Autumn Tokaido Odyssey Tour (October 27th - November 8th, 2011) by March 31st and receive a $100 discount off the regular tour price!

The Autumn Tokaido Odyssey Tourfeatures a tour of the Toyota factory in Nagoya, where you can take a look at cutting edge technology from the world’s largest auto manufacturer.

The Autumn Nihon Kai with Sado Island and Kurobe Dam Tour features a stop at the Nebuta no Sato (the “Village of Nebuta”) museum in Aomori, where glowing papier-mache sculptures painted with the fierce countenances of warriors used in Aomori’s famous Nebuta festival are displayed.