Friday, December 30, 2011

Korea Immigration - Fingerprints and Facial Recognition from 2012

Korea Logo2010_Be_Inspired [Converted] Fingerprints and facial recognition will now be required for all inbound foreign visitors to Korea starting January 2012. This process was first required in July for longer-term visitors.

Except for people exempt from mandatory submission of such information by law (e.g. foreign government officials, international organization representatives, etc.), any foreign visitor aged 17 or older will be obligated to go through a fingerprint and facial recognition registration process at immigration at all ports and airports across Korea.

For more information see the “Safer Korea! with Biometric Verification System” page at:

http://www.immigrati … .kr/indeximmeng.html

See video guides to the new Biometric Identification Entry Process in Korean, English and Japanese at:

http://www.immigrati … .kr/indeximmeng.html

Learn more about visiting Korea at:

http://english.visit …