Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travel Guard Offers Free Thanksgiving Emergency Travel Assistance


With Thanksgiving just days away, many travelers will be hitting the nation’s roads, airports and railways Wednesday, the day prior to the holiday, in order to make it home in time to carve the turkey with family and friends. This can result in crowds, delays, long lines and an overall hectic travel experience. To help ease some of the stress of “the busiest travel day of the year,” Travel Guard® North America, a leader in travel insurance and assistance plans, will provide emergency travel assistance services at no cost to all U.S. travelers and their families on Wednesday, November 23. Travel Guard’s emergency travel assistance includes flight rebooking, hotel booking, emergency cash coordination and message relay, as well as emergency medical assistance including referrals, access to air ambulance, medical providers and more, and will be available to all travelers trying to make it home, or anywhere else, for the holiday.

“The day before Thanksgiving can be a chaotic time to travel,” said Carol Mueller, Vice President of Travel Guard North America. “From crowded airports and roadways to the chance of weather-related delays and other unpredictable occurrences, there are many factors at play that can upset even the best laid travel plans. We wanted to extend our assistance services on this day in order to help make things a little easier for travelers who may experience bumps in the road as they head out to visit loved ones.”

Travelers and their families seeking Travel Guard’s assistance services on Wednesday, November 23, can reach the company directly by calling (866) 644-6811. Travel Guard’s 24/7 assistance service centers have access to the most current information regarding airline flight schedules, can act as emergency travel counselors and are prepared to help travelers with alternative travel solutions. Travel Guard North America’s comprehensive travel insurance plans include coverage for trip cancellation, interruption and delay due to inclement weather. All coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy.

See the Naka’s Travel Service travel insurance page for online quotes for information about ensuring your peace of mind with TravelGuard.