Tuesday, August 9, 2011

November and December Cunard Insights Speakers

cunard-logo.jpg Join Queen Mary 2’s Cunard Insights Speakers!

Enrichment and discovery are immensely thrilling features of every Transatlantic Crossing. You will be delighted by the extraordinary talent we are featuring through the award-winning Cunard Insights on board enrichment programme.

Stephen Payne - Lead Naval Architect of QUEEN MARY 2
Voyage date: 10 November 2011

Stephen Payne’s appointment as project manager for Cunard’s QUEEN MARY 2 is no doubt the greatest and most prestigious assignment that any naval architect could wish for. Stephen has been involved in ship planning and building for 26 years. His stellar career was the ultimate realisation of a dream and an ambition that he first set his sights on at the age of nine years. Stephen’s interests in ship design lead him to enrol in the Ship Sciences and Naval Architecture programme at Southampton University. After working a short while for Marconi Marine, who was bidding on contracts for naval replenishment ships, Stephen was contacted in late 1984 by the naval architectural firm, Technical Marine Planning, with an offer to work on passenger ship design. Stephen is now Senior Naval Architect for Carnival Corporation Technical Services division in London.

Glenmore Trenear-Harvey
Voyage date: 12 December 2011

A writer, broadcaster, and lecturer on security, intelligence, and espionage matters, Glenmore Trenear-Harvey is an Intelligence Analyst for Sky News TV, the Editor-in-Chief of World Intelligence Review, an Associate Editor of Eye Spy intelligence magazine, and Publisher of Intelligence Digest. A respected commentator, he broadcasts regularly on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, the BBC, and many other international networks. A featured speaker at conferences around the world, talking on intelligence and marketing subjects, Mr. Trenear-Harvey also lectures on security and intelligence issues to a range of audiences including the Defence Intelligence & Security Centre. He receives regular briefings from Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and Security Service (MI5) and maintains contact with former (and serving) intelligence officers of the American, British, and former Soviet security and intelligence services. A former RAF pilot and international businessman in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States, he has been involved with the clandestine world for over 40 years.

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Cunard Line, operator of the most famous ocean liners in the world, sails legendary voyages including Transatlantic Crossings and World Voyages. Sailing the world’s oceans for over 170 years, Cunard was the first to operate a Transatlantic liner service between England and America and is the only company to provide regularly scheduled service today. Cunard was also the first to sail an around the world voyage in 1922. Cunard Line is the most iconic British liner company in the world sailing flagship Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria - Cunard honors its British heritage by maintaining traditions on board, including a traditional English pub, white-gloved afternoon tea service and Royal Nights themed formal balls

Essential Experience Number 42 - Egypt

princess-curise-logo.gif “The Power of the Pyramids”

SANTA CLARITA, (August 9, 2011) – Princess Cruises today revealed Egypt as “Essential Experience #42” on its blog, “50 Essential Experiences: The Travel Bucket List,” leaving only eight more experiences yet to be revealed. This week Strategic Pricing Analyst Norma Serrano relives her first visit to Egypt with her mother by her side as she explored the pyramids and treasures of King Tut.

She writes: “Standing near the Great Pyramid, I felt this energy in a tangible, tingling way. I had never connected with a place like that before.” read more

These and other stories can be found online at www.50EssentialExperiences.com, where a new experience is unveiled weekly. Each is authored by a Princess destination expert – a long-serving and well-traveled shipboard or shoreside employee.

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One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess offers approximately 1.3 million passengers each year the opportunity to escape to the top destinations around the globe, aboard a fleet of 17 modern vessels.

Princess Cruises was catapulted to stardom in 1977 when one of its ships, Pacific Princess, was cast in a starring role on a new television show called “The Love Boat.” The weekly series, which introduced millions of viewers to the concept of a sea-going vacation, was an instant hit and both the company name and its “seawitch” logo have remained synonymous with cruising ever since. The show, which can still seen around the world, has been widely credited with fueling the dramatic expansion of the industry.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Festivals of Hawaii Launches Free Smartphone App

Hawaii Destination Specialist Logo.  4 color jpg file. Festivals of Hawaii has launched a smartphone application. The free app, sponsored by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, is available for download on iTunes for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. When opening the app, the user can select any of the six Hawaiian Islands to see what’s happening that day. Events closest in terms of the date will appear first. Users also can search by categories, with the most popular — arts and music, cuisine, and sports — featured at the bottom of the homepage. Users can also choose “More” to see the full range of categories. The “Near Me” button pulls up and displays events closest to users based on their location in the Hawaiian Islands.

Each profile includes a photo, along with a brief description of the event. Selecting “Favorite” bookmarks the event, while Facebook and Twitter links enable users to share the event with friends. Selecting “Directions” will pull up Google maps. The next phase of the app will widen the searchable database to include other events happening in Hawai’i. All events featured in the app are imported from www.gohawaii.com/festivalsofhawaii.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Explore Japan by Rail: JR Pass Rates August 4 2011

The Japan Rail Pass, which is issued by the JR (Japan Railway) Group, offers travelers excellent value for money and convenience. The Rail Pass enables the almost unlimited use of JR trains and its affiliated bus and ferry services within various areas of Japan. The Japan Rail Pass can also be used for the Tokyo monorail to Haneda Airport and the Narita Express to Narita Airport.

The Japan Rail Pass is available only to people from abroad who wish to travel to Japan as “temporary visitors” for sightseeing. The pass must be purchased before entering Japan.

Japan Rail Pass exchange rate for August 4th 2011 through August 10th 2011 - 1 USD =78.61 JPY

JR Pass prices are updated for the current exchange rate every Thursday.

See http://www.nakastrav … l.com/rail-pass.html for details and current pricing.


Japan’s four major islands, Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku are covered by an extensive and reliable network of railways. About 70 percent of Japan’s railway network is owned and operated by the Japan Railways (JR), while the remaining 30 percent belongs to dozens of other private railway companies, especially in and around metropolitan areas.

The Japan Railways Group, more commonly known as JR Group (JRグループ), is made up of six regional passenger railway companies, which are JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Central, JR West, JR Shikoku, and JR Kyushu, and one nationwide freight railway company, JR Freight. Together they operate a nationwide network of urban, regional and inter-regional train lines, night trains and shinkansen (bullet trains).

Tsukiji Fish Market Reopens Tuna Auction Observation Area

jts-logo.jpg After the temporary closure of the public viewing as response to the 3.11 earthquake, the Tsukiji Fish Market reopened its tuna auction public viewing area to visitors on July 26, 2011.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (東京都中央卸売市場 Tōkyō-to Chūō Oroshiuri Shijō), commonly known as the Tsukiji Market (築地市場 Tsukiji shijō), is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. The market is located in Tsukiji in central Tokyo, and is a major attraction for foreign visitors.

Some changes were also made to the procedures for visiting the area.

(1) Number of visitors : up to 120 people per day on a first come, first served basis
(2) Tour registration
- Location: Fish Information Center 1F (next to the Kachidoki Gate entrance)
- Registration starts from 5 am
(3) Tour hours: Visitors will be divided into two groups and 60 visitors are taken to the tour each time.
- First tour 5:25-5:50 am
- Second tour 5:50-6:15 am

Visitors can also enter the Uogashi-Yokocho (Fish Market Alley) area with various small grocery shops and sushi restaurants. The business hour for each store varies, but many shops are open around 6 am to 2 pm.

Note: Please visit those market areas after 9 am to avoid commercial rush hours.

For further information, please visit Tokyo Tourism Info or Tsukiji Jogai Shijo (Outer Market).