Thursday, June 23, 2011

50 Essential Experiences - the Travel Bucket List

princess-curise-logo.gif 50 essential travel experiences - a travel “bucket list” - from the Princess Cruises destination experts. In the 45 years that Princess ships have been sailing to all seven continents, the shipboard and shoreside employees of Princess Cruises have logged thousands of sea and air miles visiting hundreds of countries, cities and sites. Enjoy their list of 50 essential travel experiences - visit and start working on your own “bucket list”!

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One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess offers approximately 1.3 million passengers each year the opportunity to escape to the top destinations around the globe, aboard a fleet of 17 modern vessels.

Princess Cruises was catapulted to stardom in 1977 when one of its ships, Pacific Princess, was cast in a starring role on a new television show called “The Love Boat.” The weekly series, which introduced millions of viewers to the concept of a sea-going vacation, was an instant hit and both the company name and its “seawitch” logo have remained synonymous with cruising ever since. The show, which can still seen around the world, has been widely credited with fueling the dramatic expansion of the industry.