Thursday, May 19, 2011

Travel Guard Launches World Unluckiest Traveler 2 Contest

travel-insurance-number1.gif Travel Guard North America is launching “World’s Unluckiest Traveler 2: The Rescue” contest on Memorial Day.

The public can share how one kind person saved their day while traveling. In the business of helping correct travel mishaps, Travel Guard knows first-hand how one good deed can turn a travel nightmare into a dream come true. So whether someone came to the rescue in an emergency, a flight attendant personally carried a passenger’s bag, or a traveler gave up their airline seat to a fellow passenger, Travel Guard wants to hear about these random acts of kindness.

The story that wins as voted by the public will be awarded a $10,000 “Hero’s Vacation.” Travel Guard is also encouraging the public to spread the love by sharing their favorite stories of travel good deeds via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. For more information on the contest starting May 30th 2011 and a full set of rules and regulations, visit See the Naka’s Travel Service travel insurance page for online quotes for information about ensuring your peace of mind with TravelGuard.