Monday, May 16, 2011

Honolulu to Okinawa - via Guam!

Continental Airlines will resume direct flights between Guam and Okinawa, a route last served over 15 years ago.

On April 27, 2011 United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL) announced the introduction of Continental Airlines non-stop flights between Guam and Okinawa, Japan, with the goal of attracting more tourists to Guam and provide customers in Okinawa with enhanced access to Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland and other destinations throughout the Continental Pacific network.

This year-round, four-times-weekly service will be launched on September 28, 2011, with Okinawa becoming the 10th Japanese city with non-stop service to Guam on Continental.

Here’s a sample schedule:

1 CO 957 07 OCT HNL-GUM 530A 355P 08 OCT
2 CO 905 08 OCT GUM-OKA 810P 1045P

3 CO 904 12 OCT OKA-GUM 1145P 410A 13 OCT
4 CO 2 13 OCT GUM-HNL 630A 555P 12 OCT