Monday, April 18, 2011

True Travel Tales - 1

Our True Travel Tales come from clients who write in to share their experience of how Travel Guard’s travel insurance plans and travel assistance services came to the rescue during unexpected travel travail.

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A Cozumel Christmas Cancellation

Paul  and  Nancy  L.  of  Commerce,  Michigan  had  their  big  winter  family  vacation  all  planned.  Their destination? Cozumel, Mexico where they had planned several scuba diving excursions and their children had planned to swim with the dolphins.

Then, it happened. The day they were supposed to depart, severe winter weather hit, and their flight was cancelled. Because of the severity of the storm, the best the airlines could offer was to re-route them on a flight that would depart 36 hours later which would mean the family would have to spend a night in Cincinnati, and a night in Atlanta at their expense, before leaving for Cozumel. 

“We would have arrived 3 days late for our 7 day vacation,” said Paul. “Obviously not worth going through with.”

As you might imagine, having their long-awaited tropical trip cancelled on the day of departure was devastating for the family. 

“The only thing that kept us from going off the deep end of despair was the knowledge that we had a travel insurance plan through Travel Guard,” said Paul. 

With a simple call to Travel Guard, Paul and Nancy were able to set things in motion to be completely reimbursed for the non-refundable parts of their winter trip. Within a short amount of time, the couple had the full reimbursement in their hands.

“The  claim  process  was  very  clear  and  uncomplicated,” exclaimed Paul. “We received a check for $5,125 which covered every  non-refundable  expense  we  had  incurred  and  each person I spoke with at Travel Guard was understanding and helpful. The service they provided has earned them a lifetime customer. We had never before purchased trip insurance. Now I can say we will never again plan a trip without trip insurance.”


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