Monday, February 14, 2011

Japan Railways Bullet Train to Kagoshima

With the new extension of the Tohoku Line, Japan Railways will open a new Bullet Train Route in the Kyushu area (the Southwest part of Japan) on March 12th 2011, which enables travel from Shin-Osaka to the final stop of Kagoshima-Chuo in only three hours and 45 minutes, 77 minutes shorter than the current travel time.

The new complete line will be 159.7 miles long between Hakata and Kagoshima. The new connecting Shinkansen line puts Kyushu’s historic landmarks and nature within an easier reach, including Kumamoto Castle, built in the 17th century, and Kagoshima, at the end of the line, the gateway to Yakushima Island, home to a primeval forest of “Yaku-sugi” cedars dating back thousands of years. Yaku-shima Island is registered as a World Natural Heritage Site.